v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Notifications generator - Integration with Telegram

´╗┐It is possible to send notifications of events to the Telegram messenger and sending commands to the server from the bosses via the messenger.

First, the administrator needs to create for the organization own Telegram-bot.
To do this, the administrator needs to add a bot with the name @botfather in his messenger's chat and send a message /newbot, then enter the unique name and unique username of your bot (username should end with "bot").
Name: MyCompanyNotifier
Username: MyCompany_bot

After that @botfather will create a bot for you and send HTTP API token in the chat message. Copy this token into the settings field "Telegram bot token" at this page.
Example of token: 123456:ABC-DEF1234ghIkl-zyx57W2v1u123ew11
Username of newly created bot should be copied into the "Telegram bot username" field.

1) To receive events notifications boss should manually enable the appropriate setting and obtain chat_id in the personal cabinet of the web-interface of the complex.

2) To send commands to the server it is needed to allow Telegram commands for the boss here, after that boss should manually obtain chat_id in the personal cabinet of the web-interface of the complex.
If you like, you can change the commands on this page in the appropriate fields.
Attention! The blocking and shutdown commands apply to all machines that are currently connected to the server! The bot does not issue additional warnings before execution!

Attention! The data is transferred to the api.telegram.org:443 server via secure https-protocol through the server of the complex, so Internet access is needed to this Telegram server at the server machine (where the server of the complex is installed)!

Attention! If your Internet-provider blocks access to Telegram, then you can try to enable the "Use of IPv6" option (in this case your network infrastructure should have full IPv6 support).

Attention! After changing these settings, the rights settings for the users of the database, settings in the personal cabinet, the server needs about 1 minute to apply the settings!

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