v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Reports generator - Reports (for employees)

It is possible to setup reports sending to each employee about his or her activities.

These reports will be send only to those employees who has specified an e-mail in his or her dossier (the report will be sent to this e-mail).
At the same time e-mail sending option must be set up in the tab "Reports generator: Sending by e-mail".

It is necessary to specify at least one manager for automatic report generation for sending the reports to employees. The corresponding option must be selected in the manager's rights "Enable automatic generation of reports (for subordinates)".

At the same time the administrator set up permissions for corresponding reports additionally for each manager. So the report will be generated only if it is selected on this page and is permitted for the manager in his or her permission rights!

Attention! Each manager is capable to enable or disable reports generator on his or her own in the personal cabinet.
Database administrator can forbid or allow certain manager to use automatic report generation in the managers' Basic rights.

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