v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Notifications generator - Sending by SMS

It is possible to setup sending events push notification via SMS to the managers' mobile phones.
In such case the manager must allow it in his or her personal cabinet and specify phone number.
The path to external program with two obligatory parameters is indicated in the start command:
%PHONE% - mobile phone to sent SMS on it (UTF8 URL-encoded);
%MESSAGE% - SMS message text is sent (UTF8 URL-encoded).
The program must implement the sending.
The sending itself may be processed in any way. For example, via public paid SMS gateways by using of various http requests.

Below is an example of the command line for sending SMS through the popular gateway and the curl.exe utility, which is included in the complex:
curl.exe -k --silent "https://smsc.ru/sys/send.php?login=<LOGIN>&psw=<PASSWORD>&charset=utf-8&phones=%PHONE%&mes=%MESSAGE%"
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