v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Monitoring - Screenshots

The most important options in this tab:

To save shots in the folder
Specify the folder on the server where shots will be saved.
Attention! Do not specify root folder here (such as C:\, D:\ and etc.)
This option exists mainly for backward compatibility with software suite versions 3.ġġ.
Sometimes it can be useful to look through users' screen shots not via BOSS-Offline but directly from the server folder with a breakdown by users. In such case it is required to enable this option. At the same time it is necessary to enable shadow copy as it is important for screenshots review through reports.
It is also important for the option to allow this saving in the tab "Monitoring: Screenshots" in the clients settings.

If the hierarchy is set up for organization then corresponding hierarchy part will be added to the path in the folder.

File format
Specify how saved shots will be grouped: by computer's name, users, date and etc.
One must indicate the relative path inside the server folder in this line (see above option) using variable in the following way %variable%.
File name with extension .jpg should be added at the end of this path.
Acceptable variables:
%COMPLOC% - domain, DNS suffix or workgroup where computer is joined
%COMPNAME% - computer's name
%USERDOMAIN% - user's domain (in a short format)
%USERNAME% - user's name
%DATE% - shot's data in the format yyyy-mm-dd
%TIME% - shot's time in the format hh_mm_ss
So it is possible to group shots in many ways that will be convenient for review from server folder.

Take on disk not more than N megabytes
Specify maximum size for server folder with shots.
If "0" is indicated the folder won't be cleared.

See also clients settings tab "Monitoring: Screenshots"

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