v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Monitoring - Webcams

The most important options in this tab:

Saving shots in the folder
Specify the folder on the server where shots will be stored.
Attention! Do not specify root folder here (such as C:\, D:\ etc.)

Note: If hierarchy is set up for organization then the corresponding hierarchy part will be added to the path in the folder.

File format
Indicate how saved shots will be grouped: by computer's name, date etc.
In this line it is required to indicate the relative pathname inside the server folder (see above option) using variable which has view as %variable%.
The file name must be with extension .jpg at the end of this path.
Acceptable variables:
%COMPLOC% - domain, DNS suffix or workgroup
%COMPNAME% - computer's name
%DATE% - shot's data in the following format yyyy-mm-dd
%TIME% - shot's time in the format hh_mm_ss
So it is possible to group shots for convenient review from the server folder.

Take on disk not more than N megabytes
Specify maximum size for the server folder with shots.
If 0 is indicated then the folder won't be cleared.

See also clients settings tab "Monitoring: Webcams"

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