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Reports generator - Sending by e-mail

The most important options in this tab:

Send reports to e-mail
It possible to forbid or allow sending reports to the managers'/employees' e-mail boxes.

SMTP server
Specify SMTP server for sending thru. It is possible to use either your Internet provider server or any other available. If the provider server is used you need to clarify settings with it.
It is possible to use popular free of charge servers smtp.mail.ru, smtp.yandex.ru, smtp.gmail.com (for the last one sending attached files may be blocked!)

Specify connection port (by default - 587) or it may be 25. For SSL connection please use port 465.

Specify user name and password for SMTP authorization.
Usually user's name is the sender's e-mail.
If it is not required then it is necessary to check "Authentication is not required".

Authentication is not required
User's name and password will be ignored if it is selected.

Specify sender's return e-mail. It must be obligatory specified.
It must be in the same domain as SMTP server to avoid problems! For example while sending via smtp.gmail.com it must be as name@gmail.com as well as name@gmail.com must be user's name in this case.

Do not send mails larger then N megabytes
Specify maximum size of the sent.

Number of attempts while failing to send
It is possible to set up how many times the server will try to send the report if it fails to perform it from the first time by any reason.

Settings sample:
SMTP server: smtp.mail.ru
Port: 587
User: alex@mail.ru
Password: ******
From: alex@mail.ru

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