v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Reports generator - Sending via FTP

The most important options in this tab:

Send reports to FTP server
It is possible to allow or prohibit reports sending to your FTP server.

FTP server
Specify FTP server for connection (without prefixes such as ftp:// etc.)

Specify connection port (by default 21).

Specify user's name and password on FTP server. Entry to the server will be performed with this user.

Use anonymous access
If your FTP server allows to use anonymous access and you don't want to enter FTP with a specific user it is possible to use this option.
User's name and password is ignored in this case.

Use passive FTP mode
Operation mode defines connection creation rules for data transferring via FTP protocol. It depends on your server.

Folder on FTP server to save reports
Specify the folder on FTP server where reports will be stored.
Attention! The folder must be existing one!
It is possible to indicate the path in the reference to current folder (usually it is root one) or in the reference to root (in such case it is advisable to put "/" at the beginning of the path).
If nothing will be specified reports will be created in the current folder (usually it is root one).
If only "/" is specified then they will always be created in the root folder.
Don't forget to put "/" instead of "\" (as usual in Windows system)!

Number of sending attempts
It is possible to set up how many attempts to try to send the report if it is not possible to perform by any reason from the first time.

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