v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Reports generator - Reports (for bosses)

It is possible to set up the automatic reports generation for managers about all his or her subordinates.

Select the type of reports that you would like to see in the generated common report.
The more reports are selected the bigger file size will be in the final common report!
Additionally permissions for corresponding reports are set for each manager. So as a result the report will be generated only if it is selected on this page and the manager has corresponding permission rights for it!

Attention! Each manager is capable to enable or disable reports generator on his or her own in the personal cabinet.
Database administrator can forbid or allow certain manager to use automatic report generation in the managers' Basic rights.
So it is required to set corresponding right to the manager to enable such reports generator (option "Enable auto generation of reports (for self)". It is necessary for manager himself or herself to make required settings in the personal cabinet.

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