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Remote monitoring via internet

With the help of software suite capabilities Mirobase can receive all required monitoring reports to e-mail or FTP. So you will be aware of what's going on in the office from any place on the world. But sometimes it is useful to monitor employees "online" or view "fresh" reports being outside of the office.
To make it possible please see the description below.

It is required to open HTTP-ports 80/443 (used by the web server program \Program Files (x86)\httpd\bin\httpd.exe) on the server computer.

Although in most cases your server is connected to internet via proxy or NAT (in the simpliest case via router) so connection to real IP address via http won't work out. To solve this problem it is necessary to set up port-forwarding e.g. to specify in the router settings all TCP traffic redirection via http port 80/443 from external network (internet) to external local IP-address inside company's network.
On the following web-site you may find description for all main router models how to set up port-forwarding.

After all settings are performed open any web browser on any computer or smartphone and type in the address bar:

For example:

How to setup access via https: see here

Note: it is required to insert IP address on some mobile devices (smartphones) not server name (if it is local).

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