v8.50 (build: Oct 1 2020)

https-access configuration

During the installation of the server part of the complex, a self-signed SSL certificate is automatically generated to access the server machine (https://localhost and https://DNS_machine_name). The certificate is also added to the trusted zone on Windows(*).

If you access the server machine from a remote machine, then the certificate must be added to the trusted zone on this machine.
It can be done by execution on this computer next command (with administrator rights)(*), (**):
certutil -addstore Root "server.crt"
File server.crt should be copied from the server machine (C:\Program Files (x86)\httpd\conf\server.crt).

To add certificate into the trusted zone in domain it is necessary to perform next steps:

(*) Attention! For Firefox you must manually add the self-signed certificate to the exclusions list!
(**) Attention! For Chrome you must close all browser windows after adding certificate to the trusted zone!
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