v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

DLP in text, images, speech

On this page it is possible to set up DLP (data leak prevention) in documents/images/voice.

If the user performs one of selected actions with the certain objects in the inner text of which there is one or several coincidence from the sensitive list then the event will be notified. This event may be recorded to the report "Events" and an immediate push-notification will appear in BOSS-Online. The events are set up in the tab "Events".
It is also possible to allow or forbid certain activities.

In case some important company files change seldom or do not change at all, it makes sense to grab "file hashes" and not to fill the sensitivity list manually. For details see "File hashes".

How to fill in the block "sensitivity":
- each new elements of the list must start with the new line;
- if an accurate coincidence is required it is possible to specify a word or a phrase without prefixes;
- if inaccurate word search is required it is possible to specify single words (not phrase!) with prefix "~";
Warning! Language morphology features are works only for Russian and English languages! Therefore, do not use the tilde "~" symbol before the words from other languages!
- it is possible to use following templates: @CREDITCARD@ (bank card number), @PHONE@ (phone number), @EMAIL@ (e-mail-address);
- own templates based on regular expressions

Attention! It is required that corresponding monitoring options must be enabled for DLP processing on the homonym settings tabs (for example, clipboard monitoring, file operations etc.)

Attention! DLP processing is oriented on file output but not on the input. So, for example, such action as copying files from removable drives won't be recorded!

Attention! In the current version there is no FTP-file transfer blocking. Instead, you can completely block FTP traffic in the settings!

Attention! It is worth mentioning that any DLP may be skipped so the software suit cannot guarantee prevention from leakage in all possible cases.
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