v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

File hashes

´╗┐If the contents of certain important company files (with which employees work) changes rarely or does not change at all, it makes sense to take from these files special hashes for more convenient search of operations with them and receive notifications of events.

If you cannot add files manually here, there is an opportunity to configure automatic scanning/updating hashes (see. here)

If you are using file hashes, it is not necessary to set text sensitivity for files on the tab DLP, because comparsion occurs quickly by hash, not file content.
Also employee can multiple times rename file, but in reports original file name only be shown (for possibility of search here).
It is possible to have more than one hash for the same file (the same number of file changes).

Attention! Max hashes count is limited to 200!

Attention! Changes made here will be received by clients after 4-5 minutes!
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