v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Report templates

Report "Search"

On this page it is possible to create templates for the database search report for quick search of users by constant criteria.
You can create one or more templates of different types.
For each created template you need to add search criteria for which the information will be filtered, also you can select the sorting type of the output results as well as the condition "AND" or "OR" to combine the search criteria.

Important points:
1) When specifying a file name. You can specify a file name with or without masks. However, if you use masks, you can not specify the path to the file (only the name is allowed). If there are no masks, then you can specify the full or partial name of the file or the path to it.
When using file hashes it is possible quickly select from drop-down list desired file or specify special word *IMPORTANT* (means select any file from the file list with hashes).
2) When specifying search strings. In this case 3 variants of comparsion are possible:
- "equal to": complete coincidence;
- "contains": you can specify part of the string/text, and if you specify the "~" (tilde) symbol before a single word (not text!), then an inaccurate search of the given word will be processed;
- "begins with": the string starts with the specified part.
3) You can not enter the comparison value explicitly, but use variables of the form %name%, in this case, respectively "name" appears in the BOSS-Offline report for user input. Thus, you can specify different values each time not from Global Settings app, but directly in the BOSS-Offline. Example: %Enter file name%
Attention! Variables %name% cannot be used when generating report thru the Report Wizard. In this case templates containing such variables will be excluded from the search!

Attention! If BOSS-Offline is already running and the change is made in the variables %name%, then for applying new values it is necessary to reload the BOSS-Offline page through the exit-login or pressing the "Refresh list" button.
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