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Risk analyzer

"Risk and productivity analyzer" is an intellectual tool which automatically detects potential risks for company in the everyday staff's activities. It can be passing critically important data to the rivals, looking for a new working place (job), productivity decrease etc. Risk analyzer performs scanning of all gathered information about staff's activities and shows which risks certain employee has as well as based on which events. Within the staff's productivity analysis this tool shows how exactly employees spend their working time and it gives opportunity to evaluate efficacy of a certain activities. The analyser is accessible via BOSS-Offline.


The vocabulary itself can not be evaluated as "useful" of "harmful" activity as it depends to which employee it will be applied to. For example, acidities in social networks for marketing specialist are not the same as for accountant!
"Sensitivity lists" are set up in each dictionary. Each element must be written down with a new line!
Here belongs:

1) Programs. Specify full or partial program name in such way that it will reflected either in the Windows task manager (column "Description"), or in the report "Programs" (in the report the description is specified in the quotation marks above window heading). It happens very rare when description for programs is not identified. For such cases it is required to specify partial or full path to the program .exe-file (it is necessary also to specify it exactly in the same way as in the report "Programs").
Attention! If program description is available it has to be specified. The path to file should not be indicated!
Microsoft Office Word

2) Websites. Specify only domains and sub-domains without prefixes http://, www. and paths. In case domain is specified of an upper level then its sub-domains will also considered (if these sub-domains are not indicated separately).
For example: facebook.com

3) Words. Specify single words (not phrases!) which will be sensitive for search. If tilde "~" is put in front of the word then the word search will be inaccurate (taking into account typographic errors and language peculiarities).
Don't forget to specify each word with a new line!
For example: ~manager

4) Contacts. Specify contact list (e-mail, skype, icq, lync, tel. etc.) exactly as in the report "Contacts"
For example: john@gmail.com

Attention! There is no point to place the same element from the list in several dictionaries (it will be used in the first dictionary).
Attention! Changes in dictionaries come into force only for new monitoring data. It means that old stored data from the database won't be processed in the new dictionaries!

Don't forget to press "Save in a base" to apply new settings!


Profiles include certain vocabularies with features "useful" or "harmful". It is not required for all vocabularies to be in the profile. Only needed one can be enabled.
Profile "By default" is always available and it can not be deleted.
It is possible to create different profiles based on personal needs.
For instance, one profile may be created for each employee from the department.
There is a field "Profile" in the employee's dossier to match certain employee with needed profile. For more details about choosing profiles for employees see here in the settings tab "Dossier of employees".

Don't forget to press "Save in a base " to apply new settings!
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