v8.50 (build: Oct 1 2020)

Dossier of employees

On this page it is possible to create a profile for each employee optionally. In such way you can see employees' surnames instead of system user names in BOSS-Online and BOSS-Offline.

It is used to sort and display in the BOSS-Offline/BOSS-Online lists.

It is needed for report Risk analyzer. One can correlate an employee with a certain profile for analyzer.
If it is not done and the field remains empty when building the report the profile will be chosen in the following order:
- if the profile is found and its name coincide with employee's department then it will be used;
- "by default" profile.

Contact list
It is possible to specify the list with different employees contacts separated by comma. It is used when the report "Contacts" is built and reports are sent employees themselves.

Linkage of an employee with the user name of a system
It is possible to put "*" (without quotation marks) for domain or user for this field to be ignored.

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