v8.50 (build: Oct 1 2020)

Option 4. Installation via command prompt

Run the installer by selecting the "Installation on the remote computers" mode. In the Remote Installation Wizard select method 4.

Attached file of client's installation inst_client.exe can be run locally as well as remotely.
Common installation with all dialog windows (interactive mode) will be run from the local machine without command prompt specified.
If -server <machine> is specified from command prompt then "silent" client's app installation will be performed and client will be connected to server <machine>
For example:
inst_client.exe -server ""

Usually such remote "silent" installation can be used with Microsoft System Center or other software which allows to run programs remotely.

Attention! If client's app has been already installed then only the parameter <machine> will be changed for connection to server.

See above return codes of command execution:
0 - success;
1 - success, but client's app will be activated after restart (sometimes it is only possible on WinXP);
-1 - not supported old OS (Win2000/98);
-2 - administrator's rights required;
-3 - user has stopped installation (only interactive mode);
-4 - client's app of version 1. is installed. First it is necessary to delete it;
-5 - it is necessary to perform restarting and then continue with installation;
-6 - an error of writing to file;
-7 - in non interactive mode the startup was made without command prompt.

Also it is possible to uninstall client using command line.
Uninstall and keep reports: inst_client.exe -uninstall_keep -key <KEY>
Uninstall with reports also: inst_client.exe -uninstall_delete -key <KEY>
Parameter <KEY> should be the same like set at this settings page.

Also additional return codes are possible with uninstall option:
-8 - client not installed or cannot connect to the client;
-9 - internal error;
-10 - key is not set in the settings;
-11 - entered key does not match the one set in the settings.

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