v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Installation on a smartphone (Android)

Installation package (.apk) should be downloaded from here.
Before installing, you must allow the installation of applications from unknown sources (not from Market) (Advanced settings->Security->Unknown sources).
Also, before installing on the device, it is recommended to set up the necessary settings in the settings tab "Mobile client".

After installation and startup, the client settings wizard opens.

You must read and agree to the terms of the license agreement:

Next, you need to enter the URL of the connection to the server. Similar to how to log in to the web interface of BOSS-Online/Offline.
You can also change the advanced settings (this is the identification of the device in the BOSS-Offline reports):

Activation of device administrator:

Enabling the service:

After that press Back (Return) on the device and you will see the next screen. This screen will appear only in some set of devices (example, Huawei, Xiaomi). The purpose of this setting is to allow the application to work in the background, as well as to disable notifications about power consumption:

Attention! The appearance of the windows and settings may differ from those shown in different devices!

Now client active and working.
Next 2 minutes it is in administrator mode (in which the application can be deleted), and then it will switch to user mode, and when you try to uninstall the application or open forbidden screen, will appear request to enter pin-code, which can be set at "Mobile client":

• to change settings you need to uninstall application and install again;
• to uninstall application first need to disable it as an device administrator: "Advanced settings->Security->Device administrators" for "Settings Service";
• to update application simply install new .apk over old version;
• if GPS tracking is used, you need to enable Geo location in the device settings;
• client connects briefly to the server only when there is a connection available, therefore in the BOSS-Online it will not be visible!;
• if there is no connection to the server, the monitoring data is accumulated locally on the device;
• in Android 7/8+ the work of applications in the background is very limited, so communication with the server is performed no more often than once every 15 minutes (this should be remembered when building reports and changing settings);
• interception of visited URLs of web-sites is supported only for browsers Internet and Chrome;
• in the report "Chats/Calls" only the SMS-es and GSM-calls will go, other activity - to the report "Applications";
• after installing and configuring the application, its icon shows the standard system settings.

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