v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Local storage

On this page it is possible to set up local storage. This local data storage is located on the clients' computer and is used when there is no connection with the server or in postponded monitoring mode. In such cases all monitoring data is stored in this database and is sent to the server when host becomes on-line or transfer postponed data when building reports in BOSS-Offline.

What are the most important options in this tab:

Storage time, max database size, traffic
Do not specify too big value as more space will be used on the disk of client's computer in the first place (because of shadow copy files mainly). Secondly, when trasferring data to the server the load on network traffic and server database may increase!

Do not perform, if free space is less than
Local storage will not be operable (data loss as result) if free disk space on clients' C: is less than value specified here.

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