v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)


It is possible to set up threats sensitive to the program.
Each threat must be written with the new line!
The threat may be: entry to a website, running programs, typed words.
It is possible to specify:
- full or partial website address,
- website heading (or its part),
- program heading (or its part),
- EXE file program name (if the path has to be specified it is require only with environmental variable such as %variable%),
- program description (it may be partial),
- single word (not a phrase!), at the same time if symbol tilde "~" is specified at beginning this identified inaccurate words comparison algorithm will be used.
Warning! Language morphology features are works only for Russian and English languages! Therefore, do not use the tilde "~" symbol before the words from other languages!
- templates: @CREDITCARD@ (bank card number input), @PHONE@ (phone number input), @EMAIL@ (e-mail address input)
- own templates based on regular expressions

Response to threats is set up in the settings tab "Events".

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