v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Monitoring - Printing

The most important options in this tab:

Perform monitoring of the documents printed on printers
If this option is disabled the information about users' printed documents on printers won't be transferred.

Monitoring in the user's context
Administrator's rights are required for network printers monitoring. The user won't be able to monitor if he or she hasn't got these rights or rights are restricted. In such case it is required to specify that monitoring will be performed in the context of the other user-administrator. It is also necessary to specify this administrator's domain (if available), name and the password (it won't be functioning with empty password!).
For example, in case if administrator's user with the name "Administrator" is available on all clients' machines it is required to check the password is not empty and it is similar everywhere. After it is inserted into this option.
Do not mix up this user with the user on the server! This inserted user maybe either part of the domain or be located on local clients' computers.
If the user has already been working with administrator's rights there is no need to specify anything!

Attention! While using Shared printers:
It is required to use special app (downloaded here) for monitoring of the shared printers. This app must be installed on print-server(s) to which printers are connected. In such case the option "Perform monitoring of printed documents on the printer" may be disabled (if all printers are shared).
It is required to specify certain users in the printer access settings in the terminal sessions. Do not leave the field "Everyone"!

Attention! It is necessary to enable the option "Shadow copy" to capture printer's files in the clients' and server settings!
Printer's files are presented not in the original but as spooler files (.spl/.shd). It necessary to use third party apps to review them.
It is possible to search in the internet "SPL Viewer".
Example apps:
There is also a possibility of repeated spooler file sending to the printer for original documents analysis on the hard copy. Use free of charge app for this PrintSPL which you can download here.

Attention! these settings will come into force after clients' computer restart!

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