v8.50 (build: Oct 1 2020)

Installation on local computer (Windows)

The setup will run only in administrator's account !
If there are several users on one workstation the installation must be performed only once in administrator's account!

After setup configuration app will run automatically:

"Server machine" - it is necessary to set suite server IP address or DNS-name. In case of connection to nonstandard port (or connecting to a certain server instance) specify the port with colon also (for example, SERVER:12345).
Also you can specify an additional server address separated by comma. Usually this is the external IP of the same server for case employees can take out laptops from the office. Client will automatically reconnect to the external address if there is no connection to the internal corporate server.

At this stage client's app installation is completed. There will no visible changes in the system.

Client's app can be deleted only via BOSS-Online app.
It is possible to change settings either from client's workstation (by running installation app again) or from BOSS-Online app.

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