v8.50 (build: Oct 1 2020)

General settings description

All software suite settings are divided into server and clients'.
Server settings are used by the server itself.
Clients' settings are used by the clients' computers and users. They receive these settings from the server with the start up and during computer work time. If the connection with the server is temporarily unavailable then previous settings will be used that are stored in the local cache of the clients' computers.
Settings changes will come into force in 1-3 minutes.
It is possible to find out which settings are used in the present moment via BOSS-Online "General information" function.

Client's settings are also divided into: "for computers", "for users" and "groups".
For computers - settings used by computers but not users! In such case it is possible for several users to work on one computer (simultaneously as in terminal server or alternately).
For users - settings used by certain computer's users but not computers itself.
To understand this difference one can look into the settings itself and see how they differ.
It is required to use groups if you don't want clients' settings will be the same for all computers/users. In such case it is required to create settings profiles and then link groups with these profiles. To create profile it is needed to click on drop down menu near the buttons "For computers", "For users".
Attention! If in your case settings for all computers and users the same there is no need to create profiles and groups!

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