v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Company structure

On this page it is possible to create company hierarchical structure optionally identifying departments, subdivisions and etc.
Users and computers can be added to each department which haven't been distributed yet. The lists with users/computers itself (that are in the right colon) will be available only after receiving first monitoring data into the database (e.g. in 5-10 min after first installation of the client apps on users' computers).
There is no need to distribute all. Each user or computer may be either in the hierarchy or non distributed into the list. It can not be in both simultaneously!
Hierarchy is used while been displaying in BOSS-Online, BOSS-Offline. It is very convenient assigning access rights for directors to their departments.

Do not forget to push "Save in a base" to apply new settings!

Attention! Only database administartor has rights to save the structure!

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