v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Selected observation

The most important options in this tab:

Monitor "only certain computer(s) user(s)" or "all except"
By enabling this option it is possible to specify computer's users who will be monitored or users will not be monitored.
This option is usually used for terminal servers.
It is possible to use the following masks "*" and "?" to specify user's name.
It is acceptable to specify users in the format like user and domain\user (in such case the domain is specified in the short format - without dots!).
If this option is disabled all computer's users will be monitored.

Apply this restriction only to machines running Windows Server OS
If the option of selected observation is enabled, enabling this option means that the workstations will be monitored in normal mode (all users), but a restriction will be applied to server machines (usually terminal servers).
The use of this option is useful when you need to limit the set of monitored users of the terminal server, but not limit it to ordinary workstations.

Attention! LogOff users are required to apply these settings if the settings affect these users!

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