v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Monitoring - Webcams

The most important options in this tab:

Receive and send the shots from the web-cameras to the server
If it is disabled the shots from the web-cameras won't be sent to the server.
This will allow to save network traffic.
No more than 4 web cameras are supported on one computer.
Attention! In case this option is enabled web camera can not be used by other apps!

Make shots every N-seconds
Do not indicate very small value in order not to overload the network connection and do not occupy to much space with shot's files.
Specify zero to disable periodically shots.

Shots on user logon/logoff, system startup
When this option is enabled, if one of the listed events occurs, a shot will be taken.
This function will not work for a client installed on a terminal server!
If it is necessary to take only such, but not periodic shots, then for the interval of snapshots set 0.

See also server settings tab "Monitoring: Webcams"

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