Mirobase Printing Control is a Mirobase solution which allows control printing expenses and print smart

When Printing Control is needed

You are not sure whether all printing expenses in the budget corresponds to the reality and they are not hidden in such budget articles as “equipment”, “services”, “delivery” etc.
You experience difficulties in monitoring document printing and printing expenses
You are unsure if your staff uses printers for work-related purposes exclusively and not for their own personal needs
You suspect someone transfers important commercial information to business competitors
You are not sure that monochrome documents are printed on right printers and not on the color ones
You are not sure of paper use effectiveness

How can Mirobase help you: Printing Control

Help to determine printing costs, quantity of pages and paper-sheets sent for printing. It can also check whether your employee chooses the right printer

Detect a shady employee who reveals important commercial information to the competitors

Find an employees who uses company printer for personal needs

What is required for printing expenses minimization: