v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Monitoring - Chats-calls

What are the most important options in this tab:

Intercept messages of Bitrix24 chats
If this option is enabled, then Bitrix24 chat messages will be intercepted for the desktop application and the site.
When using the cloud version of Bitrix24, the server field should be left blank, and if you use the corporate server of Bitrix24, specify its name without prefixes https://, http://. If you use a non-standard port, you must specify it via a colon after the server name, and add it to the page Network driver.
Attention! Network driver should be turned on for correct operation of this option.
Attention! After enabling the option, it will be activated the next time Bitrix client is started, or the Bitrix site is restarted on the client!

See also tab "Monitoring: Chats/calls" for the user.

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