v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Technical questions

How to install new client's version on all computers at the same time?
See part "Software suite update"

How client's app will be functioning if SQL server database is disabled?
The client's app is constantly trying to support connection with server but it can make caching of data if required (e.g. to work without server).

The database administrator's password is lost. What has to be done?
Use recovery app in administrator's part of the software suite.

Is client app necessary to be installed for all users if terminal server is used?
No. It is installed once under administartor's account.

Whether clients' part can be installed for each system user individually?
No. It is installed once under administrator's account on current computer.

Why the monitoring of printed documents is not functioning?
See help on the page printer's monitoring settings in the administrator's part settings.

I am not capable to enter web-server from mobile smartphone. Why?
It is required on some mobile devices to put IP address not server name (if it is local) in the browser address line.

How to open SPL printer files?
See description here

How to set up access to the web via https (SSL)?
see here

Why did some programs issue a warning about an untrusted root certificate?
see here

We use an antivirus. Why Internet connections are blocked after installing the client?
see here

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