v8.01 (build: Jan 4 2020)

Server transfer

In order to transfer the software suite server and SQL-database to another machine without losing any stored data, the following steps should be performed:

1) Using the "Change Server" function of the BOSS-Online specify a new server machine for all online machines (for non-online machines either a remote installation with indication of a new machine or a repeated manual installation should be used).
Attention! If the transfer is performed out of hours and there are no online-machines (or there are few of them), or if the data losing during the transfer is not critical, then this action can be performed at the end of the server transfer process.
2) Install SQL-server on a new machine (SQL version should strictly match the old one!).
3) Install the administrative part of the software suite on the new machine.
4) Use "Database Backup/Recovery utility" in the administrative part of the software suite on the old machine to export the database into a file (in case of using MySQL it is necessary to use mysqldump utility).
5) Use the same utility on the new machine to import the database from the previously exported file.
6) Start "Database initial configuration" utility on the new machine.
7) Enter the "Global settings" app on the new machine and re-create all the users of the database (through their initial removal).
8) Transfer the shadow copy folder and (if any) the screenshots, web-camera shots, and audio folders from the old machine . If the paths on the machine differ, they are needed to be changed in the settings "for server".
9) Install the software suite server on the new machine.
10) If the automatic reports generation was used for the managers, it is necessary to enter the "Private cabinet" of the managers to define settings.
11) Repeat the action 1) for all other machines (if any).

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