Mirobase analyses activity and determines staff’s efficiency. Detects business risks and blocks confidential information leakage. Report is generated for the administrator

Keystroke dynamics monitoring

Keystroke dynamics is a unique for every individual and it can be used as a biometric characteristic which reveals a lot about psychological condition of the specific PC user

Employee’s active working time monitoring

Find out how much time is spent by the employee for productive work and how much for non-productive activities

Program usage monitoring

Find out which programs and applications are used by the employee during his or her working time and what for

Web surfing monitoring

Monitor employees’ web surfing activities. Specifies time spent for work related and personal purposes

Data transfer monitoring

Find out whether important files have been deleted, sent or copied to removable data storage

Typed text monitoring

Track whether important commercial information is sent by email, which one, where and to whom

Tracking of program processes on employee’s computer

Provides information about all running processes of a chosen computer. Moreover if the process has its window (opened or minimized) this is shown in the informational window

Active response for suspicious activities (SMS / E-mail)

Ability of immediate administrator alarm about suspicious activity of the employee (malware launch, specific text input, browsing unauthorized sites) by e-mail or SMS

Access from mobile devices

Allows to monitor staff’s productivity from the tablet PC or mobile phone

Employee search by criteria

Using the special filter form one can easily search for an employee whose activities correspond to certain criteria. For instance he or she has used specific programs, visited certain web-sites or typed definite keywords etc